Spectrum of sacred structures

The universal appreciation for architectural artistry can transcend religious differences — by humbling, inspiring and providing inviting spaces for reflection.

INDIGENOUS: Tamatekapua Meeting House (Maori) • Rotorua, New Zealand © Carrie Osgood | CLO
BUDDHIST: Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple • Tokyo, Japan © Carrie Osgood | CLO
JEWISH: Choral Synagogue • Vilnius, Lithuania © Carrie Osgood | CLO
MUSLIM: Blue Mosque • Istanbul, Turkey © Carrie Osgood | CLO
CHRISTIAN: Saint Peter’s Basilica (Catholic) • Vatican City © Carrie Osgood | CLO
SECULAR: Guggenheim Museum • Bilbao, Spain © Carrie Osgood | CLO

Copyright © Carrie Osgood | CLO Communications. All rights reserved.

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