The Creative Journey [infographic]

Visualizing how we grow from a beginner to an expert – from enthusiastic aspiration through the slump of arrogance and defeat, to the ascent toward lasting success

Often times a story begs to be expressed through the integration of visual and verbal means. This infographic I created exemplifies how designing language can enhance its understanding.

I often share this visual with my students when they are learning how to push though the struggle of creative crisis – which is one of the greatest lessons learned in art school.

When applying it to business, this graphic helps illustrate who I’m able to best help. Those with the openness to learn and grow tend to be either beginners learning the tools of the trade or those who have survived the slump with humility. These masters have learned to embrace their strengths while confidently acknowledging their weakenesses. The most accomplished professionals recognize that collaborating with individuals with complementary skills and strengths lead to the greatest level of success.

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